With the temperature going down, not many people will consider buying a new air conditioner. However, most homeowners fail to realize that fall is the best season to buy an AC. Under mentioned are some benefits to purchasing a brand new air conditioner now, instead to wait till the heating becomes unbearable and the summer season is on your head. Some tips to keep your air conditioner maintained during the winter season is another detail in discussion for your ease.

An air conditioning unit has a life span of about 15 years, where other factors such as regular maintenance, the external environment also contribute to the life of the system. If your air conditioner is near the 15-year mark, you should consider replacing the old unit and buy a new model that would also help you to manage your finances if you do it in the fall season instead of waiting for the peak summer times.

In the summertime, installation delays are common when you purchase the air conditioner, and you will be left to bear the summer heat in frustration waiting for your turn for the install. Since most HVAC contractors have a high demand for air conditioner installation, it may take a while for the contractor to help you with the installation. If you are a smart person, you will capitalize on the low-pressure season of the fall to buy the AC and ask for a connection. You will get immediate assistance and by the time summers are here, you will have your air conditioning working at optimal levels.

Encounter more common repair requirements.

If you find your cooling unit going out of function due to many breakdowns, it is time for you to consider buying a new air conditioner. Another way is to see the repair costs for your unit. If it equal to or more than 25% of the cost of a new purchase, it is better for you to go for an upgrade. If you buy the system at the right time, you will save yourself from the sudden hassle to find an air conditioner when your AC breaks down for good.

Do proper research for the available options.

When air conditioners stop working suddenly in the hotness of summer, homeowners feel hastened to settle on a unit because they require cooling fast. Protect yourself from making a quick buying arrangement by purchasing an air conditioner before your existing system goes out of order.

Upkeep of your Air Conditioner in Winters

If you buy a new system in fall or are maintaining your current system, you must start preparing to keep the AC well-maintained during the winters. If you spend some time in ensuring the proper maintenance of your cooling unit during winters, you will save lots of money by avoiding any damages to your cooling unit during the winter season.

Here is an easy checklist of tasks to do in the fall, as the climate gets moderate:

1. Switch off external power to the air conditioning system

A central air conditioner comes with external circuits that manage the power that drives to the unit. To switch off the power supply to the system, you need to find a box fastened to the side of the house close to the cooling unit and open the box. Look out for a circuit handle in red and take the circuit out, turn in upside down and put it back into the slot, and close the lid.

Doing this will block harm to the unit or electrocution when operating the air conditioning unit. It also limits the cooling unit to turn on during the winter season. If it is switched on, the cooling unit will utilize water to produce the cold air. If this water is in contact with the external air at cold temperatures, it will harm the condensing system inside the A/C unit.

2. Keep the outside unit Clean

Don’t miss anything that hangs out around your unit as it will stick to the system during winter and damage it to a great extent. You can use a hose with high pressure to clear of the sand, dirt, rubble and make sure the fan blades and the condensing coils are free of any dirt and insects.

Wipe clean all the dirt that surrounds your external unit, so the wind does not push the dust in the system. At freezing temperatures, the snow can trap the soil in the outer order. This accumulation of dirt can damage your system when you try to run in summer.

3. Inspect the system for any damages or break

After turning the power off and cleaning the cooling unit, you should carefully inspect the outer side of the cooling unit to check if there are any breaks or rust marks. You should immediately call our AC Installation TX experts if you see any cracks as this can further damage your system.

4. Close the air conditioning unit

It is a good idea to buy a cover from the market that would cost you around $15 to $35 depending on the size and quality of the cover and completely pack your unit. You should make sure that you leave 12 inches of the exposed coil so there is air circulation inside the sheets and there is no threat of any mold formation, inside the covers.

You can also use simple plywood and place it on the top of your system to give the unit enough room to breathe, and the wood will also protect the cooling unit from ice falls and dirt and debris.

5. Keep a constant Check on the air conditioner in winter

Properly check, clean, and maintain your system during the winter. This practice will keep you well aware of any threats to your unit so you can clear and clean everything off.

An active approach of looking for your cooling needs during the fall season is a wise move to keep you fresh and not having to worry about any air conditioning malfunction during hot summers.

Buying A New Air Conditioner: Some Important Tips